Heat Harvest Turns Wasted Heat Back Into Electricity for the Home

 - Nov 26, 2015
References: space10.io & psfk
Heat Harvest is a conceptual device that would turn wasted household energy back into usable electricity. Developed by Sergey Komadenkov and Vihanga Gore, the idea was conceived at a two week workshop held at Space10.

The device can either stand alone or be integrated into a piece of furniture, such as a table, and harnesses wasted heat from average objects. It then turns it into free and green electricity you can use at home. Using thermoelectricity, Heat Harvest "exploits basic physics."

They see two possible applications for this technology: heat-extracting table tops and "heat-harvesting pads that you could place beneath TV set top boxes or heat-emitting power adaptors anywhere in the home." Theoretically, it could also be used to charge mobile phones.