'Heartbits' Uses 3D Printing and VR to Show Patient's Heart Defects

 - Dec 4, 2017
References: 3ders.org
'Heartbits' is a project from three Dutch universities that leverages the power of both 3D printing and virtual reality to improve a patient's understanding of their own body.

As well as being emotionally challenging, conversations about a patient's conditions can be frustrating for those the average person who lacks the knowledge that a medical professional has about the human body. With Heartbits, a patient is able to have their heart defects visualized through a Microsoft Hololens headset and 3D-printed models, making it easier for them to understand the location and look the of problems that doctors will be addressing.

For the project, students from TU Delft, Leiden University and the University of Wageningen created a used live heartbeat data to bring VR heart animations to life.