Osmeli Delgado Interprets a Vital Human Organ in Intriguing Ways

 - Oct 15, 2014
References: myampgoesto11.tumblr & osmeli
Matters of the heart are always touchy subject matters, yet that is not the case when it comes to these striking heart sculptures. Full of different interpretations of this vital organ, the heart sculptures might maintain the original form instead of incorporating the more cartoonish aesthetic, yet there is something very creative behind each design.

Created by Osmeli Delgado, the heart sculptures are inspired by her own personal journey to find what truly moves her from the inside out. She writes, "By making myself an observer as opposed to a judge or an editor of my emotions, I began to understand that these periods are a necessary exercise of cleansing and purging in process of defining our lives, and that all emotions have their place and I need not judge them as good or bad, as all are part of the constant, dynamic ebb and flow of life."