EarHealth is Designed to Hear Ear Infections by Interpreting Sounds

 - May 16, 2019
References: washington.edu & gizmodo
Researchers from the University of Washington are developing an app that can hear ear infections. The app is titled EarHealth and it works by playing sounds into the user's ear. These sounds go form the inside of the ear and back again to the phone, the sound reflection is then received by the phone's microphone. At this point, the app can process the sound reflection and determine if the user has an ear infection.

During studies, the app was able to predict if the subject had an ear infection across 85 percent of trials. The app was also tested on babies, since this demographic is particularly susceptible to ear infection. The app was able to pick all five infected babies out of a sample of 15. Further development is being done on the app that will soon allow users to hear ear infections.

Image Credit: Gizmodo/University of Washington