Puree Organics Perfects the Look of Healthy Branding Identities

 - Jun 24, 2014
References: studioahamed & inspirationhut.net
When it comes to healthy branding identities, simplicity will always be your best bet—no one is likely to trust a healthy or organic brand if it goes overboard with a visual identity using unnaturally bright colors, kaleidoscopically dizzying designs and loud typefaces that have no relation whatsoever to a more holistic lifestyle.

Understanding healthy branding identities, creative design firm Studioahamed created the whole branding package for Puree Organics—a medicinal vegetable garden that provides naturally farmed food—and they did it to perfection.

Creating a look that would harmoniously compliment Puree Organics work supplying locals in Montreal, Canada with fresh and specialized produce, owners Marie & Claude wanted a look that focused on the produce they offered more than anything else.

"It was important right from the start to showcase Puree as a specialty produce company that is quite different than your typical organic mom and pop store," said the design team at Studioahamed.