This Health App Can Monitor Your Health

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: omsignal & gizmodiva
Most health apps that currently proliferate the market aren’t capable of monitoring your health, but the OMsignal is a health app that can.

The people of OMsignal created a shirt that can monitor your health and that can be monitored with the use of an app on your smartphone. The shirt has 3-axis accelerometer, a tool used in monitoring movement, and calories. The shirt detects the electrical signals from your heart, respiration and your mental state. The wearer can connect the device via Bluetooth and view your physical and mental health state, which is presented in a graphical chart on your phone. The company is also developing the OMsignal, so it can be used to detect the health states of other people.

OMsignal is still in its early stages of development.