This Healing Tea Set Targets the Seven Chakras

 - Nov 30, 2015
References: buddhateas
Tea may be good for the soul, but these healing teas from Buddha Teas may be even more beneficial to the mind and body. There are seven Chakra Teas that are made with an assortment of different herbs that resonate with each chakra. For instance, the 5th Chakra Tea is made with a blend of licorice root, marshmallow lead and fennel seeds, while the Third Eye Chakra tea targets the center of intuition and knowledge with eyebright, jasmine and spearmint.

In addition to being sold individually, the tea set also comes in a bundle for whole-body healing.

In addition to the chakras coming into play for a variety of food and beverage products, it's also becoming popular for crystals with metaphysical properties to be added to beauty and skincare products.