Haus Seating Offers an Intimate and Homey Environment Amidst a Busy Office

 - Sep 30, 2014
References: onemanduo & dornob
Open plan offices have their advantages, but such environments are greatly enhanced by items like the Haus seating set. It's these sorts of furnishings that offer employees some degree of privacy and separation that can facilitate efficiency in their work.

Whether a person chooses to get cozy in a Haus as a means to take a break, to work quietly or to have a conversation with a colleague, the acoustic-sheltered abodes keep inside sounds in, and outside noises out. ONEMANDUO's lovely integration of tall walls and a pitched roof mean that the two pieces function as partitions and nearly like their own little rooms. To maintain a connection with the surrounding space, the Borg Haus seating system has narrow slit windows at eye-level.

Photo Credit: Borg