Artist Hasan Kale Finds No Object Too Small to Paint On

 - Apr 2, 2013
References: facebook & thisiscolossal
Hasan Kale, an artist hailing from Turkey, is a master painter. But it isn't necessarily his paintings that has people talking. Instead, it is Hasan Kale's choice of canvases. Foregoing the traditional plain-woven material, he finds himself unorthodox objects to paint on, the smaller the better. From butterfly wings and snail shells to different pieces of pasta, Hasan Kale creates murals that pay tribute to his native city, Istanbul.

Termed 'micro art,' Hasan Kale's paintings boggle the mind. It is hard to imagine how he managed to achieve such detail and color. Staying true to the beautiful skylines of his city, Hasan Kale even managed to paint a stunning scene on a cactus spike. His tools are so small, he even uses his fingertip as a palette. That is pretty adorable.