The Harry Winston Opus 14 Model is Inspired by a Classic American Jukebox

The latest Harry Winston watch is a timepiece targeted at nostalgia lovers across America. This luxurious mechanical watch is modeled after a 50s jukebox.

The all new Harry Winston Opus 14 watch is a hyper-mechanical timepiece made in white gold with a series of stacked dials on its face. Like a jukebox, the case is quite big which accommodates its patented automation feature. Peering into the face, wearers can see a blue star and red stripe catering to its American influence while a disk in the form of a miniature record displays its jukebox inspiration. In addition to its sleek design, this Harry Winston watch features 124 jewels and 31 bridges, making it a luxury timepiece.

Limited to 50 pieces, this watch is the most sophisticated product the brand has ever made.