'Yin Yang' by Dedon Offers Relaxation by Contrast

 - Feb 21, 2009
References: dedon.de & trendir
In search for new forms, German maker Dedon found inspiration in ancient Chinese philosophy. Yin Yang is the representation of harmony between two opposing elements; and such is the notion behind the matching sculptural chairs of the Signature Collection.

Rich curves and elegant contrast are the charming qualities of this seating arrangement. United or stand-alone, the twin chairs exhibit their superior style and sleek hand-woven surfaces. The art pieces are created by a remarkable 4,000 meters of fiber, a true challenge even for the more charismatic of Dedon craftsmen.

The platinum and bronze colors evoke luxurious earth colors and lure the passerby to a session of harmonious relaxation. The idea was apparently conceived on a sandy beach at the Philippine island of Cebu; I guess luxury and harmony merged by the seaside, and that is definitely were I would prefer to get my set of Yin Yangs.