This Harley Quinn Wallet is Inspired by the Jesting Batman Villain

 - Jul 18, 2014
References: graphittidesigns & technabob
This Harley Quinn wallet is the perfect accessory for fans of the iconic Batman comics. This court jester-inspired purse is modeled after Harley Quinn's infamous red and black costume.

Quinn is probably best known for her roll in the Batman saga as the Joker's girlfriend. Quinn was introduced in the Batman: The Animated Series as a female counterpart to the Joker in which she follows him around and helps him on his evil schmes. Her character surrounds the look of a court jester or pantomime that loves to loot, plunder and wreak havoc. This purse design takes inspiration from Quinn's diamond-patterned costume. The wallet comes in a white leather design with black and red diamond cut-outs. The front of the wallet even comes with a print of Quinn's face complete with three court jester bells. This wallet perfectly captures the sassy attitude of this harlequin villain.