The Harbin Cultural Island is Inspired by the Ice City Itself

 - May 13, 2011
References: i-mad & fastcodesign
There is something truly majestic and graceful about the Harbin Cultural Island. I guess the fact that it looks like a monumental, man-made mountain would do the trick. Its simple, sweeping lines and snow-white exterior also gives it the look of gently sculpted ice caps. Considering that Harbin, China is known as the Ice City, I definitely see where the inspiration comes from.

Designed by China's own MAD Architects, the Harbin Cultural Island is a 117,000 square-meter development that will act as a public space for theaters, studios, education facilities, an exhibition space and a variety of retail. Of course, it's the public park that will truly draw a crowd as it will take up about 70% of the space.

Surely the Harbin Cultural Island will also entice more tourists to this frosty land.