'Happify' Reduces Stress and Anxiety Through Games, Quizzes and More

 - Jan 28, 2017
References: itunes.apple & wersm
'Happify' is an app that can be used to connect with one's feelings and over time, train the brain to transform negative thoughts patterns into positive ones.

The app specifically provides "science-based activities," as well as "personalized happiness tracks" crafted by experts to help one progress on their personal path to happiness. As well as partaking in a variety of games, quizzes and activities, users are challenged to observe their frame of mind and come into the present moment.

Over time, with continued use of Happify, a user is able to track their updates and get insights delivered on their overall happiness, satisfaction and positive emotions. In a chart format, this also provides a clear overview of one's ever-changing emotional states over weeks and months.