This El Casco Hand Stapler Comes in Chrome or Gold and Costs $265

 - Nov 3, 2015
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This hand stapler by luxury desk accessories purveyor El Casco costs $265 and comes in either chrome or gold.

El Casco was founded in 1920 as a firearms manufacturer. In the 1930s, the company's business was slowing down, and it decided to diversify. Its first stationery product was a high quality hand stapler. El Casco continues to make this original hand stapler model to this day, and today it can be bought as a prestigious luxury item. In case the chrome version doesn't convey enough opulence, the El Casco hand stapler is also available in 23 karat gold, to really add some glimmer to a desk.

In today's digital world, desk accessories are no longer the absolute staples they once were. This means that purchases of analog tools can often be made with more consideration for style and quality, seen as a matter of taste rather than necessity.