Hamy Tools Packaging Adopts an Endearing Image That's Unexpected

 - Apr 16, 2013
References: packagingoftheworld
The majority of us are probably used to seeing tools merchandized in open boxes, hanging wrapper-less from pegs or occasionally encased in molded plastic covers. Hamy Tools packaging proposes a very different style of preparing these implements for sale, appropriating techniques that are typically used for enclosing other products.

Designer Kyung-hee Kim of South Korea folded pieces of card into slender cartons with pitched tops. The boxes for individual pliers, wrenches and hammers, etc. have holes so that they can be suspended. Crisp white communicates a cleanliness that is generally not associated with such devices; meanwhile, blue and red accents exude a lighthearted appeal, and a row of outlined illustrations subtly indicate which item is within that piece of Hamy Tools packaging.