The 'Halloween by the Numbers' Infographic is Full of Fright Night Factoids

 - Oct 27, 2011
References: columnfivemedia & holykaw.alltop
If you love the creepy time of the year where the undead roam the earth and department stores mark-up their candy, then you may be interested to know some of the statistics listed on the 'Halloween by the Numbers' infographic.

Assembled in a collaboration between and Column Five, the chart shows the interesting numerical values that the average American indulges in with Halloween hijinks. It's neat to know that almost half the amount of US citizens are still kids at heart and claim to carve a pumpkin around All Hallows Eve.

Unfortunately, the 'Halloween by the Numbers' listings admit that the prime trick-or-treating ages are between 5 and 13, so if you don't fall in that category, maybe it's time to stop living the day-of-the-dead dream and hand out the sweets instead.