Get Your Full Night's Rest with the Hale Dreamer Alarm Dock

 - Sep 27, 2013
References: kickstarter
For those who want to keep their phone on, but their sleep at maximum, consider the Hale Dreamer. This alarm clock dock features an app that allows users to receive specific notifications if urgent, and is a full-on music player and charger as well.

The Hale Dreamer features the app 'SmartSilence,' which can be customized to specify friends/pests/unknown callers and texters; the app screens these individuals while you are sleeping and will send them an automated text -- if there is an emergency they simple reply with an 'e' and the phone will then allow individuals to contact you normally. The alarm clock itself features a number of settings including an easy-to-use layout and loud sound quality, among other things.

The Hale Dreamer is only available to Android users and is available for pledge online now.