HádeHaver Plastic Lid Bags are Made from Recycled Plastic Bottle

 - Sep 12, 2012
References: hadehaver.pt.vu
Feel good about your fashion choices with these HadeHaver plastic lid bags made with reused plastic bottle caps. The bright colors used, including red, green, pink and white, are a fun way to add vibrancy and pizazz to any ensemble. The colors are true to the original colors of the plastic lids, which is especially noticeable in the Coca-Cola versions where the logos are clearly indicated.

The bags come in funky geometrical shapes such as rhombuses and hexagons, which play up the bags' child-like quirkiness. As well, the use of plastic lids adds volume and plenty of texture to these playful purses. The bags, which come in designs including a clutch, handbag, shoulder bag and even computer bag are a great way to show off your quirky style while promoting recycling.