Habit 'Black Rehab' Packaging Uses Luxury to Treat Addiction

 - Apr 25, 2012
References: vlamboyant & notcot.org
The Habit 'Black Rehab' packaging aims to make patrons feel as if they are elegant and pampered so that they feel above their addictions.

Instead of providing its customers with socially-constructed materials that are often used in one's drug abuse rehabilitation, this company designs its products in a different way. By making its instruments look like high class cosmetic pieces, patients will not feel as if they are being treated as lower-class citizens. Rather they will have a feeling of superiority about the steps they are taking towards leading a more balanced lifestyle. Such marketing tactics are important as one must feel happy in the process of rehabilitation for it to completely work. These packages feature nicotine patches and syringes in glossy black exteriors; a very couture rehabilitation technique indeed.