The H2 Rack by Sarah Bottger Hangs, Slings and Clamps Possessions

 - Oct 10, 2012
References: sarahboettger & blog.leibal
You can do so much more with the H2 Rack by Sarah Bottger than you can with a simple peg or coat hook and it requires the same simple installation. This quirky wall-mounted cleat is bent in two places so that its extending ends angle away from their anchoring surface.

When set up in the vertical orientation, the top of the hangers can function as coat racks or places to wedge a variety of different garments and household items. Having been manufactured with a gap in the center, the piece can also accommodate the threading through of scarves and the slinging of accessories along the bottom.

A slight projection on the side of the H2 Rack by Sarah Bottger invites the positioning of a second H2 to multiply your storage space.