Jake Gyllenhaal

 - Jan 19, 2008   Updated: Aug 16 2011
References: dailymail
He is the sexy cowboy from Brokeback Mountain, and now he is currently the ideal Mr. Right to UK women.

That's according to a study performed by dating website ukdating.com after the site gathered a list of top 20 qualifications for the candidates. Attributes included loving pets, having a college education, standing at least 178 cm tall, possessing a sense of humor, driving a Mercedes, etc. Having kids, watching sports and being a smoker were no-nos.

Implications - Apparently, Mr. Right is also the type of guy who is decked out in jeans and a t-shirt and weighs exactly 12st 7lb. He's either a lawyer or a doctor who earns more than £30,000, and owns a property worth £300,000.

He's had no more than six sexual partners, never has been married, and has no kids.

Sure seems like a lot of trouble to be Mr. Right. I'll settle with Mr. Right Now.