Gustavo Sousa Has Created Incredible Clouds Made from Rain

By using an odd medium, Gustavo Sousa has been able to make beautiful, minimal art that is anything but simple.

Rain is produced by clouds, when condensation builds up it eventually has to be released, and that is why it rains. Sousa has made a brilliant juxtaposition from the relationship between rain and the clouds.

In his work, he has made clouds from the rain. He has allowed the rain to act as a watercolor technique that he then applies to the page. These clouds have an unusual shape, and they are multi-colored. Each cloud looks different than the last.

Other than the rain made cumulus, the rest of the painting only has the date, time and location of where the piece took place. Gustavo Sousa has managed to create an amazing pairing between rain and clouds, and the work produced is beautiful.