Fit's is Promoting Two Slime-Themed Gum Products Through Dragon Quest

 - Aug 17, 2016
References: & en.rocketnews24
Japanese chewing gum brand Fit's is launching a novel gum promotion for its two new Dragon Quest-themed products.

The zesty lime- and lime/mint-flavored Slime and Metal Slime products takes cues from Dragon Quest's iconic characters and are being integrated into the game as actual monsters that must be defeated during gameplay. When they come across the Fit's x Dragon Quest gum promotion in-game, players are challenged to defeat the monsters in the only way possible—by executing the "eat" command, rather than attacking, fleeing or using magic, as is normally possible to collect XP in the game.

With the rise of the e-sports gaming industry and professional spectatorship, video game partnerships are becoming extremely popular ways for brands promote new products and services among the general public.