These Reed Willson Design Drink Coasters Have a Sense of Humor

If you’re the kind of person who busts a gut over geography humor, these drink coasters are perfect for you. These ‘Gulf Coasters’ take full advantage of the best form of humor invented since sarcasm: the pun.

Aside from the questionable humor of the product, the design is beautiful and unique, having a sort of modern rustic minimalist thing going on. The drink coasters are in a light beige and are shaped like a rectangle. On one of the shorter sides of the rectangle, the wood is carved in a wavy cut out. This is to imitate the waves coming in on the beach. In the middle of the drink coasters are the words "GULF COASTER" ingrained on the wood.

Despite the questionable reputation of pun-based humor these drink coasters are very stylish. They wouldn’t look out of place at a sophisticated adult’s home. These are great for the stylish yet humorous person who love to summer down in the Gulf.