Stay on the Cutting-Edge of Today's Unique Strategies

 - Mar 12, 2012
References: trendreports
Nowadays, companies are no longer relying on traditional marketing techniques to generate buzz for a brand, product or promotion. Instead, the strategy known as guerrilla marketing has come to be a useful way for brands to stir up curiosity among the public. With Trend Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Trend Report, users will discover how flash mobs, sticker bombing and graffiti ads are used to make ideas go viral.

The main idea behind guerrilla marketing is to introduce a concept using unusual and non-traditional methods. And, as companies recognize how much interest these campaigns generate, they are coming up with new and creative strategies to lure consumers, such as Social Fearvertising and Participatory Advertising.

Packed with over 2,500 examples of guerrilla marketing analysis and 274 PRO Trends, our crowd-sourced data will keep you on the cutting-edge of today's innovative marketing techniques.