The Hankster Club is an Online Site for Finding Group Dates with Friends

 - May 17, 2014
References: hanksterclub & techinasia
Group dates can be way more fun and much less intimidating than going on a one-on-one date, especially if you're meeting someone for the very first time from an online dating site. With this in mind, HanksterClub was created and it's essentially a matchmaking service for groups of people, rather than individuals.

With HanksterClub, you sign up with a group that includes two to three members of the same sex. To find another group to go out with, the dating service asks groups to answer a few questions about their personalities, food preferences, as well as what kind of nightlife they like to enjoy together. From there, HanksterClub generates matches and then the two small separate groups can arrange to meet.

The service costs about $15 per person, per match, but it also includes a dinner reservation and drinks in the price.