Metro's Grocery Store App Updates the Shopping Experience with Wearables

 - Jul 15, 2015
References: metro & canadiangrocer
Rather than shopping with a paper list, or checking off items using a phone, Metro's new grocery store app for the Apple Watch makes it possible to check off boxes of purchased items as they're added to a grocery cart. The wearable app is also useful for collecting notifications that coupons and flyers are available, although seeing them requires switching over to a smartphone device.

Metro reports that the app was simple to develop and only took about a month and a half of work to put together.

As the first Canadian grocery retails tore to have an app ready for the Apple Watch, Metro is one store that's leading the shift in ways wearable devices can be used for shopping. Having the smart device already on your wrist would cut down on the frustration of frequently forgetting your list at home.