The Grit Sweet Nothings Photoshoot Displays Angular Red Stripes

The Grit Sweet Nothings editorial is currently apart of the publication's Summer 2015 edition. The striking, emotionally charged production was overseen by photographer Niclas Heikkinen who selected a dark lighting scheme with red and green hues.

Stylist Kama Krystel chose to keep Sweet Nothings noticeably angular with crimson stripes lining model Briley Jones' face and body. These unusual cosmetic features paired well with Krystel's inclusion of baggy sweaters, sheer tops and loose safari-inspired shorts.

Make up artist Gillian Campbell is essential to this visionary display of fashion. Campbell's use of peach, rose and wine-colored palettes matched the apparel in each snapshot. It also allowed Jones to come across as all the more fiery and impassioned.