The Greenbird Breaks the Land Speed Record at 126.1 MPH

 - Apr 4, 2009
References: greenbird & telegraph
‘Greenbird,’ a carbon fiber composite vehicle that uses nothing but wind for power, has broken the world land speed record for wind-powered vehicles. After 10 years of hard work, British engineer Richard Jenkins finally broke the record in the dry field of Ivanpah Lake, Nevada by going 126.1 MPH (202.9km/h) in his Greenbird.

According to its creators, the Greenbird is a sort of land-roving sailboat equipped with a wing rather than a sail to propel the creation along. This iteration is the fifth generation of Greenbird, which combines the technology of a Formula 1 car and an aircraft. In this way, the Greenbird is part sailboat, part airplane and part car. It looks like a missile with wings which helps with lift. It can not only be driven on the land but also on ice.