The Greenbelt Concept Proposes Space-Saving and Sustainable City Farming

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: yankodesign
The importation of produce wastes a great deal of energy that could be avoided with the introduction of more metropolitan agricultural initiatives. The Greenbelt concept presents a way to compactly integrate productive farms into the existing urban fabric, thanks to a unique structure and the recycling of resources.

Jonas Di Lorenzo proposes these winged installations that look like the forms of old airplanes, like satellite components or even stadium seating. The narrow fins can be stacked tightly and staggered to assume smaller areas and they would be mounted on slanted piers with relatively tiny footprints.

Soil-free gardens and fish farms coexist on the Greenbelt concept sites, with the vegetable plants used as a filtration system for the recycled water in the ponds.