The 'Graveyard Girls' Project Captured Somber Ghost-Like Figures

A series of striking photos titled 'Graveyard Girls' by photographers Kyle Thompson and Marissa Bolen capture surreal mourning ghouls. The creepy photos use light beautifully to capture ghosts that look as if they are drifting away. The models seem to embody innocence with their white garb and wreaths of flowers. However, the eerie lighting and depressed expressions completely change the mood of the pictures into a somber one.

The photographers found the perfect setting in Bolen's backyard and used copious amounts of flour in order to produce the photos. Flour was piled onto the models and the water was tainted with milk in order to create a ghostly effect. Combined with the limited lighting in the dark grotto, Thompson and Bolen achieved a completely surreal and bleak collection.