Gratitude by Ernesto Neto is Located in the Aspen Art Museum

Gratitude by Ernesto Neto is yet another thought-provoking installation from this popular artist, which has completed his latest work for the Aspen Art Museum.

The work asks people to take notice of their various senses, using different mediums to provoke these human functions. From a distance the installation looks like a large umbrella with large strings hanging down from underneath, but each section has a certain meaning with an intended function. Since each part of the installation is meant to be interactive, visitors are able to touch the artwork, which is usually the opposite of what is allowed at most museums.

Hopefully people will walk away from the artwork with more awareness about their own senses, and how everything works in tandem with one another. Gratitude by Ernesto Neto is on until September of 2014. Photo Credits: designboom,