Tons of Graphic Design References are Infused Into ‘Dirty Talk’

CMYK, duo tones and half tones are just some graphic design references that may be hard for those without experience in the field to comprehend. Creatives Eric Thomas and Joshua Pittman from graphic design agency ‘Bright Red TBWA’ have created a humorous site for people like themselves to use those terms to "talk dirty."

The Tumblr-based webpage ‘Designer Dirty Talk’ imagines the things graphic designers would say if they talked dirty to one another. The site generates risque lines, like "I Want to See You In 0% Opacity" and "You better unzip it first."

Visitors can also submit their own risque lines to be added to the site. The majority of the pick-up lines have to make reference to the tools and features in Adobe Creative Suites, but some lines make references to typography like, "Lets go out for a Times New Romance."