This Grand Theft Auto Photo Series Mixes the Virtual with Reality

 - Apr 14, 2014
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There is no longer a divide between the real world we live in and the virtual world of video games as this grand theft auto photo series proves.

In the 'Crossroad of Realities' grand theft auto photo series by French Canadian Benoit Paillé, the video game enthusiast and photographer places himself in the super popular Grand Theft Auto game to somehow erase the border between the real world and the virtual one. Using the same processing and development techniques and methods he uses for his other work, Paillé does something different in the next step; the reflective stage, in which he has to let just the right amount of light in when holding the camera in his hand a la the game.

"Using my DSLR, I takes screenshots\photography of my wanderings in the game. Places of interest are marked and located on the map using the game’s GPS system. I would often return in a given virtual location, depending on the light or time of the day, color and weather," says Paillé.