Project GramGram Sends Social Media Messages to Grandma's Mailbox

 - Apr 20, 2016
References: projectgramgram & adweek
Project GramGram is an initiative that aims to bridge the gap between the preferred communication styles of different generations. Today's youth documents their entire lives on social media, but Project GramGram asks: "When's the last time grandma commented on one of your posts?"

In order to bridge this gap, Project GramGram doesn't force people to change what they know by converting social media posts into physical mail that's delivered directly to a grandma's mailbox. Comically, Project GramGram notes that this is a system that will keep grandmas "instantly updated in three to five business days."

The concept comes from BYU advertising students and it may be executed for a short-run. The project playfully addresses the communication gap between generations and is in line with a number of initiatives that are also trialing online-to-offline experiences.