Prized Himalayan Pink Salt from Salarium Argentum

 - Jan 11, 2009
References: salariumargentum
Salt. NaCl. There’s only one chemical formula. Is it all the same? Not at all, according to Salarium Argentum, which offers three varieties of Himalayan salt (black, white and pink). Each, they say, has special nutritional properties that enhance particular flavors.

According to Salarium Argentum, the special nutritional properties are due to trace minerals included in the salt in the same proportions as in our bodies. In addition, because the Himalayan salt is particularly pure, its structure facilitates the absorption of these trace minerals.

Black salt is rich in magnesium and complements strongly flavored foods such as red meats and oily fish. Pink is rich in iron and "is perfect as a finishing salt for prepared dishes." The special contents of the white salt were not revealed, but it is said to complement lightly flavored seafood, pasta, rice, and vegetables whenever liquid is included in the cooking process.

Should you remain skeptical, Salarium Argentum’s gourmet salts are recommended by Anthony Worall Thompson, who has the chefs in his restaurants use the salts; Giorgio Locatelli, head chef at Locanda Locatelli in London; and by Elie MacPherson’s personal trainer.