Google's Seafaring IDS Servers

 - Sep 9, 2008
References: datacenterknowledge & engadget
Google’s been spending millions on geothermal technology in an effort to make a smaller carbon footprint, but a recent patent application for floating data centers is purported to be the ultimate solution.

The idea of floating data centers to remedy cross-country server latency isn’t exactly new. A San Francisco based start-up called IDS plans to launch 22 such techno-flotsam on decommissioned cargo ships.

Google’s platform supported sea-going servers, however, will use the sea water for cooling and generate power using Pelamis Wave Energy Converters (see video).

Google’s plans might be not much further along than the napkin drawing shown, but who knows? With their mega-bucks, they might be getting ready to launch a flotilla any day now.