Google's Testing on the Toilet

 - Mar 26, 2008
At Google's offices, there are now software problems in the bathroom stalls.

Albeit famous for creating a friendly work environment for their employees, Google doesn't give them a moment to relax.

The company, heavily leaning upon the creativity of its workers, doesn't like it when their brains stop solving software problems. By sticking software codes and problems to the walls in all 500 bathroom stalls in their global offices, the company hopes the toilet users will continue to stimulate their brains during their most intimate moments of the day.

The project is called "Testing on the Toilet" and the comments from employees ranges from, "This is great because I'm always forgetting to bring my copy of Linux Nerd 2000 to the bathroom!" to "I'm trying to use the bathroom, can you folks please just LEAVE ME ALONE?"

The initiative is from a small band of volunteers, the "Google Testing Grouplet", passionate about software testing. They write flyers about everything from dependency injection to code coverage, and plaster regularly the bathrooms with each episode.