Google+ Icon Sets +1 Your Entire Computer

 - Aug 1, 2011
References: googleplus.wonderhowto
The new social media interface may mark the consumption of your social life to follow the amalgamation of your email correspondence, calendar and documents, but these Google+ icon sets and wallpapers make yet another step to taking over the rest of your virtual environment.

Users thrilled with Google Plus might choose to pick from this selection of themes that has pulled together from all corners of the World Wide Web. Without even opening your Internet browser, your desktop could be dressed with a Circles background and your folders with g+ symbols. Graphic designers have had a bit of fun with the black and rainbow logo, altering its shape to form circles, hearts, clouds and more. In customizing your computer with these Google+ icon sets, you're in a way surrendering to Google's strengthening sovereignty over PCs.

Photo Credits: Matt Hodder | Zack Smith | Cheth Studios | 365psd | DeviantArt Users: hamzahamo | popoever | lucifr | angelmaker666 | f0xt3r