The New Google Maps City Slogans Use Word Play to Bring You Home

 - May 27, 2011
References: google & holykaw.alltop
Google Maps has a brilliant new feature guaranteed to make you chuckle on your way to Grandma's -- the Google Maps City Slogans. The folks at Google are famous for their witty one-liners hidden amongst their many web applications, and City Slogans, which generates comedic statements to describe the city you are searching and places them on the map, is no exception!

Among the funnier slogans are "Hooker, OK -- it's a location not a vocation" or "Gas, KS --- Don’t pass gas, stop and enjoy It."

Any Google Maps user can tag a punny slogan for their hometown or others, and as soon as you click on the slogan, the map will direct you to the town! In case Google Maps wasn't already fun and distracting enough, the Google Maps City Slogans feature is sure to cause a few laughs!