Google Chrome Ad Blocker is Hoping to Enforce Better Ad Standards on Websites

 - Feb 15, 2018
References: techcrunch & theverge
Google Chrome ad blocker is a built-in browser feature that is designed to weed out some of the web's most annoying ads. This built-in feature will not seek to eliminate all ads, but will instead focus on ads that are considered bad and not up to the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads. Google hopes that this new feature will improve user experience on the internet, and will push website owners to stop using improper ads. Some of the types of ads that will be blocked include pop-up ads, large sticky ads, auto-play video ads with sound, ads that appear on a site with a countdown blocking you before the content loads and many more.

This Google Chrome ad blocker is the first of its kind, as users have had to install third-party extensions up until this point. Google will be setting up a three-step process to address predatory ads and will prosecute those that do not adhere to standards. If a site has too many violations, Google Chrome will start blocking ads on the site after 30 days. The extension seems to function as an internet ad policing tool, and while it may face criticism from advertisers and publishers, it will apply a set of standards that will be good for the entire industry.

Image Credit: Google