Sleep in the Back Seat While the Google Autonomous Car Takes the Wheel

 - Oct 21, 2011
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Though the software developer has managed to keep the project (mostly) under wraps, the Google Autonomous Car is bolting down main streets, mountain paths, crowded highways and even picking up passengers as I type.

Though it may be heralded as the death knell of conventional driving, the Google Autonomous Car is actually just a modified Toyota Prius. But don't let its subtle, innocuous looks deceive you! The rotating lens installed on the vehicle's roof gives the onboard computer the ability to detect pedestrians, other cars and the status of traffic lights. Professor Sebastian Thrun, who oversees the project, claims the automaton isn't ready for market availability, though it seems to drive without incident. Thrun is optimistic that the Google Autonomous Car will alleviate the worst symptoms of driving: Congestion, collisions and even fuel consumption. At one point, it may even become socially unacceptable to drive -- the computer does it safer and better!