The Newest Goodyear Blimp is Much More Modern Than its Predecessors

 - Mar 23, 2014
References: goodyear & gizmag
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has unveiled its newest Goodyear airship, a next-generation dirigible that will replace the older iconic Goodyear blimps in the skies.

The newest Goodyear blimp is larger and faster than the GZ-20 blimp fleet that have been used for nearly half a century now. In fact, the new model has a semi-rigid structure that means it is technically not a blimp, although Goodyear continues to refer to it as such.

The airship, which has yet to be named, is 75 m long -- over 15 m longer than the current fleet of Goodyear blimps -- and can hit top speeds of 73 mph. It has modern avionics and flight controls that rely on computerized systems rather than the manual control systems of old

It also boasts a new livery that retains the iconic Goodyear logo and traditional blue-and-yellow branding on a silver background.