From Excessively Indulgent Food to Over the Top Fashion

 - Mar 26, 2013
Over the top fashion is something fashionistas and statement-makers will constantly be on the lookout for and today's top trends present some noteworthy pieces. The item that most deserves a mention is the diamond-encrusted couture dress designed by Debbie Wingham, which will set die-hard shoppers back a grand total of $17.7 million. Embroidered with red, black and white diamonds, this dress can only be tried on by those who make an appointment with the designer herself.

Excessively indulgent food items are also securing a spot in today's top trends. Candy enthusiasts can now treat themselves to a 6,000 calorie, 24 cm high Gummy candy. Available in bear form, Coke bottle form and even worm form, these giant candies will certainly satisfy any sweet cravings.

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