The Airship LZ-73 Combines Historical Ideas with Contemporary Tech

 - Mar 26, 2013
References: mrvidenov & tuvie
The designer of the Airship LZ-73 questions why developments were halted on dirigible airships after an incident in 1937, given that there are tons of fatal car crashes around the world each day. Denislav Videnov proposes the reinvention of hovering conveyances that could promise improved safety when compared to current land transport.

With the use of helium and a fine-tuned digital control system, this miniature modern blimp would be able to travel and even linger in one spot with perfect stability. With a precision steering system, the incidence of accidents would be quite low.

The designs of the Airship LZ-73 and the more recent LZ-78 are seductively futuristic. They're streamlined and detailed and accommodate varying numbers of passengers.