The Gregory Boratyn Pictures of Arizona Feature the Antelope

 - Mar 25, 2013
References: eveningphotography & mymodernmet
Photographer Gregory Boratyn's images of Arizona's Antelope Canyon feature beams of red and blue light. The cascading structure looks much like a painting, though it is actually an incredible natural setting that has attracted a great deal of tourists to the region.

While the Antelope Canyone is beautiful in its own right, featuring rivets and remarkable slopes, Boratyn made the space all the more beautiful with digital enhancements. He did so with tools Photoshop CS6, Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 and Viveza 2. These additions brought his work to an ethereal level, making it appear much like abstract art, especially given the way in which bold pops of color were juxtaposed with muted, darker tones.