Trignal Hubcaps Tell Drivers About Trucks' Speeds With Colored LEDs

 - Mar 26, 2013
References: liteonaward & yankodesign
A cautious driver will be ever suspicious about truck drivers' awareness of 100% of their surroundings. With such enormous blind spots and comparatively limited control over incredibly heavy loads, tractor-trailers could really use Trignal Hubcaps to assist in making roads much safer.

Developed by Zhu Sha and Yang Yong, the 2012 Liteon Award winning concept proposes the installation of independent, self-charging tire accessories on transporters. The triangular forms were inspired by the universal warning symbol and embedded LED lights further define this shape.

When a rig is in motion, the Trignal Hubcaps pick up the revolutions of the wheels and emit a colorful glow accordingly. The red indicates a dangerous speed, the yellow suggests a high speed and green signifies a slower one.