The 'GOOD' Educated Immigrants Chart Examines the Rate of Attaining Jobs

 - Aug 23, 2012
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The 'GOOD' educated immigrants infographic explores the reasoning behind why foreign immigrants in the United States struggle to find jobs in their fields.

According to this study, 16 percent of native-born Americans are unemployed or working in low-skilled positions and 22 percent of foreign-born workers are in the same position. Foreign-born workers seem to be more educated in fields such as health care, high-tech manufacturing, and information technology.

This chart also highlights the states that seem to hire the least amount of immigrants. The top six include Nevada, Utah, Florida, Virginia, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. What is preventing educated immigrants from attaining decent jobs? Factors such as limited English language proficiency, lack of familiarity with the job market, and limited US work experience can hinder opportunities.

By recognizing the pitfalls that contribute to wasted talent, the United States communities can look for ways to bridge the gaps and provide resources for those who wish to attain jobs that match their skills.