The 24K Gold Bike by The House of Solid Gold is Extreme and Extravagant

For the sake of ultra extravagance, it's not surprising that a company named 'The House of Solid Gold' would develop a solid gold bike.

The luxe Beverly Hills edition bicycle is described as "the most expensive, extreme mountain bike in the world," although its $1 million price tag might deter its owner from actually taking it for a ride.

The '24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike' is not just a name, as the bicycle's frame has actually been overlaid with pure 24K gold. The golden bicycle has a few more dazzling elements on the frame, including black diamonds, golden sapphires, a chocolate brown alligator seat and a laser-etched edition number from one to 13, since a very small number of these gold bikes will be produced and sold by The House of Solid Gold.